Executive Education Programs

Open-Enrollment Programs

We understand that organizations today face diverse challenges. Our management programs are designed to address the relevant issues that confront people and businesses today. Managers and leaders must provide solutions to problems that can be immediately applied to the workplace, with the added proviso that these have long-term benefits as well.

While AIM is particularly known for the use of the case method, we also use a range of learning methodologies that help build skills and knowledge efficiently and effectively. Our approach to learning allows participants to test out their ideas and thinking in a safe yet challenging environment, while at the same encouraging them to think and act differently.

General Management

Basic Management Program

We designed this interactive training program for organizations’ first-level managers. They will learn a broader management perspective through an understanding of basic management principles and skills. We teach participants to understand the overall function of the company, and the cross-functional relationships among its units for an interactive approach to government.

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Management Development Program

Often tagged as a non-degree mini-MBA, this program challenges the vigor, rigor, and humor of individual and collaborative thinking and action. We prime the participating executive for personal transformation in the strategy and leadership of the business, industry, country, and Asia in the global context. As the participant engages co-participants, faculty, resource persons, and alumni as learning partners, the progression of themes, modules, topics, and learning activities deliberately become more complex.

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Systems Thinking

Our program introduces participants to Systems Thinking and helps them develop a new perspective of looking at problems and issues. We believe it is one of the key management competencies of the 21st century for understanding the structure of complex situations, and the dynamics these produce.

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Project Management Course Duration: 5 days

Our five-day program is designed to help managers learn about the project life cycle, project management process groups and knowledge areas, and best practices that are applicable to large and small projects. We also teach general management and leadership skills that can help them plan and lead successful projects. Participants will learn about adaptive project management, an approach beyond the nuts and bolts of traditional project management - to help them tackle complex and strategic projects.

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Business Analytics Course Duration: 3 days

Our three-day hands-on course is an excellent introduction to the developments and most relevant topics on business analytics. Our students will become familiar with real-world examples of successful applications of analytics in retail, manufacturing, and services. We aim to have students conduct analytics projects from start to finish, starting from identifying business issues, to developing hypotheses, through to gathering and analyzing data and communicating results.

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Leadership and People Management

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers Duration: 5 days

The philosophy that underpins our three-day course is that Coaching focuses on empowering people to arrive at their own solutions to a problem. Our introductory program is aimed at leaders and managers of any level who are responsible for developing staff performance and potential. We aim to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and techniques to become effective workplace coaches.

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Strategic Negotiations and Conflict Management Duration: 5 days

We believe that real leaders and managers negotiate. Our five-day course will help you learn how to negotiate matters effectively, whether you’re a CFO working on a financial dilemma, or a business development professional hoping to close a deal. You will learn to build the skills needed to create value for yourself and others in different negotiation situations using engaging sessions of exercises and discussion, so you will learn how to manage the flow of conversations to reach a desired outcome.

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Competitive Strategic Innovation (CSI) Course

Our game-changing program lets participants discover new ways of competing by redefining the business, and by providing differentiated value for customers. We help companies create new products and services, improve customer service, and arrive at breakthrough innovative strategies.

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Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

For this program, we want to help the participant develop an integrated, firm-wide, and risk-aware view of firm strategy and implementation. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to use the tools of risk management to identify major uncertainties facing his or her organization, assess opportunities and potential losses, develop alternatives for risk handling, and assess these alternatives in light of his or her organization's business goals.

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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

We designed this course to address the needs of non-Finance Senior Executives from various fields of specialization who want to gain a more integrated perspective on the inter-related functions of a firm. Our program has a tiered structure aiming to provide an understanding of the financial concepts that underpin strategic decisions.

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