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Executive Master in Business Administration

Real World Learning for Real World Executives

The Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) is a part-time graduate degree program that lets middle- to senior-level executives balance career demands alongside higher education goals. The core courses take 20 months, and is followed by a Capstone Project period, which students can complete at their own time.

Real world learning and immediate application

In the EMBA caserooms, the Asian Institute of Management’s bent for practical, case-based teaching and learning is evident. A student can take recent learnings and apply these within their workplace the very next day. The EMBA's rigorous system effectively prepares executives for bigger, career-advancing work challenges.

With Asia presenting abundant business opportunities, the EMBA’s region-focused approach primes students to thrive in this booming environment. Students gain the advantage of examining Asian business practices, regulations, and culture-specific perspectives.

Experience an immersive education

The EMBA program is the perfect venue for testing new ideas, strategies, and concepts. It fosters an environment where students drive the discussion — and the caseroom becomes a laboratory for teamwork and communication.

Our professors are business practitioners tasked with guiding these case method-based discussions, providing constructive and incisive feedback. Students experience a transformative environment that is at once nurturing and critical, fundamental and innovative.

The program will enable students to:

  • immerse in structured learning experiences facilitated by experienced faculty;
  • share ideas with experienced managers from various industries and management disciplines;
  • learn from periodic assessments through written analyses of cases, exams, and projects
  • tap into AIM’s international network and communities.


The Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) is a part-time graduate degree program that lets executives balance their careers while pursuing higher education.

The EMBA Program's Goal is to teach students how to:

Generate Customer Value

Create customer and shareholder value across functions.

Create New Strategies

Craft and implement new strategies and businesses in various environments.


Think, act, and reflect systematically for innovation.

Lead and Collaborate

Build capacity and commitment in self, teams, and organizations.

Academic Experience

Learn more about EMBA

“I wanted a business degree program which focused on real world application. The EMBA was a perfect fit. Working with leaders from different cultures, industries, and business functions provided me with valuable perspective into the “big picture” of global business.”

Kyle Wiltshire, EMBA 2014
Chief Technology Officer, ZipMatch

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