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Instructional Design Coordinator


The role is designed primarily to perform and manage tasks in curriculum design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The primary objective of the role is to assist in the advancement of rigor in learning in program offerings, to enhance overall student experiences and provide value to corporate clients through transformed graduates. The position reports directly to the Instructional Designer, and is to be consulted by the Programs Directorate, the Faculty, and Program Staff.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Bachelor's degree in the Education Sciences, other related fields, or other related qualifications. Graduate units in the education sciences are an advantage.

Minimum Experience

  • At least 4 years of experience in education and training, and/or education research. Preferably, with experience in higher education, continuing/professional education or other experiences in related fields.

Generic Skills

  • Can communicate fluently and confidently in English and in Filipino in oral and written formats. Proven proficiency in other foreign languages is a plus.
  • Can communicate across different publics and different registers. Can translate from academic and technical jargon to everyday language.
  • Can work systematically and methodically in processing large amounts of technical and specialized texts in different functional/research domains.
  • Can analyze and evaluate specialized text to deduce the most important pieces of information at the shortest amount of time.
  • Can operate confidently using numeric, Web-based, and computer tools and software across various platforms and operating systems. Applications beyond document, spreadsheet, and presentation processors are a plus.
  • Can imbibe the dignity of labor and work through a professional ethic and through personal values, as well as a customer-centric and service-oriented attitude.

Task-related Skills

  • Can operationalize educational schools of thought: behavioral, cognitive, constructivist or any combination thereof, to enact in instructional designs and processes.
  • Can adopt a standard curriculum model through a theoretical understanding of curriculum analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Can align instructional goals and objectives with learning activities through test analysis and objectives-writing.
  • Can draft learning activities in alignment and coherence with performance- and task-based outcomes.
  • Can deploy quantitative and qualitative research methods for analysis and evaluation of curriculum.
  1. Assist the Instructional Designer in the over-all project management of the curriculum development cycle
    • A. Curriculum Analysis and Evaluation Phase
      • Collaborate with the Instructional Designer and other stakeholders in curriculum analysis from evaluation data and other sources
      • Draft presentations of analysis results for communication to different types of audiences
      • Provide additional recommendations in program evaluation from the data analysis
      • Collaborate with the Instructional Designer in the alignment of evaluation instruments with curriculum framework
    • B. Curriculum Design Phase
      • Collaborate in the design process within the curriculum framework
      • Draft designs of data-collection instruments and their alignment with curriculum designs
    • C. Curriculum Development Phase
      • Draft and align program syllabi
      • Collaborate with stakeholders in the prototyping and testing of curriculum designs, where needed
      • Collaborate with stakeholders in the operational plans for the deployment of digital technologies and platforms
    • D. Curriculum Implementation Phase
      • Provide minor services to faculty in the delivery of curriculum designs, as needed
      • Collect program data for analysis and evaluation
  2. Assist the Instructional Designer in aligning curriculum development with intra-School and other inter-unit operations
    • A. Communications and Liaising
      • Serve as liaison to various teams and units inside and outside the School for documentation and planning purposes
      • Maintain records of curriculum stakeholders for documentation and planning purposes
    • B. Strategic Planning
      • Maintain records of strategic plans, operational plans, and project plans on curriculum.
      • Provide input in the creation of strategic, operational, and project plans.

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