Brand Guidelines

The new AIM Nexus logo and visual system communicate the school’s critical place at the heart of an ever-changing Asia—in which the roles of business, government and society continually intersect and overlap. “Nexus” reflects the desire of AIM’s stakeholders—students to administrators, faculty to alumni—to capture the dynamic change happening at the institution.

AIM full color logo


AIM greyscale logo


Minimum clear space AND minimum size

To protect its integrity and legibility, a minimum amount of ‘clear space’ must surround the Asian Institute of Management logo. Follow the specifications below to determine the clear space area.

The proportions of clear space are configured using ‘x’ as reference for all measurements.

A minimum logo size has been established to maintain optimum legibility and quality in every expression of the Asian Institute of Management brand.

AIM Big Logo
AIM Small Logo(minimum size) AIM LetterMinimal Version

Incorrect Usage

To preserve the integrity of our brand, it is vital that we never alter, distort or redraw any elements within the logo.

The examples below do not represent every misuse, but clearly illustrate some common mistakes that must be avoided.

AIM Color Change

No color changes

AIM Special Effects

No special effects

AIM Holding Shapes

No holding shapes

AIM Proportion Changes

No proportion changes

AIM Outline

No outlines

AIM Cluttered Background

No cluttered backgrounds

Color Palette

Color palette is a significant equity within the visual system. Therefore, the correct use of these colors are crucial to the integrity of the brand expression.

Primary Color

AIM Dark Purple
  • Pantone 2695C / 275U
  • C85 M85 Y40 K30
  • R57 G51 B87
  • Websafe #393357
AIM Light Purple
  • Pantone 2622C / 255U
  • C65 M93 Y20 K10
  • R110 G52 B118
  • Websafe #6e3476
AIM Blue
  • Pantone 2995C / 2995U
  • C90 M10 Y10 K0
  • R0 G165 B211
  • Websafe #00a5d3
AIM Green
  • Pantone 7741C / 347U
  • C90 M15 Y90 K0
  • R0 G154 B87
  • Websafe #009a57
AIM Yellow
  • Pantone 7405C / 012U
  • C0 M15 Y100 K0
  • R255 G212 B0
  • Websafe #ffd400

Secondary Color

AIM Single Color AIM Dark Purple Pantone 2695C / 275U 100%
AIM Background Purple
  • Pantone 275C
  • C85 M85 Y40 K53
  • R39 G32 B64
  • Websafe #272040

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