Thought Leadership

Hear what our faculty and academics have to say. Here at AIM, we seek to create knowledge that benefits our students and communities in many postive ways.

MacaranasCommentary: What ASEAN Can Learn From Brexit
Jakarta Globe | June 30, 2016

Professor Poch Macaranas' commentary on what ASEAN can learn from Brexit. 


Enhancing the Ease of Doing Business in APEC Countries: A Comprehensive Review of Literature
Social Science Research Network | May 1, 2015

Professor Ron Mendoza’s co-authored study emphasizes the need for APEC members to protect their investors, at the same time create learning opportunities for each other by sharing knowledge and best practices.

testChampioning the Champions
SMU Asian Management Briefs | October 13, 2015

Professor Paolo Francisco’s research on 58 top-performing ASEAN companies explores how they made their mark locally, and how they adapt to the evolving economic environment of the region.


roman_lim.jpgDesign thinking for Asia
SMU Asian Management Briefs | August 14, 2015

Professors Francisco Roman and Ricardo Lim discuss design thinking, a process that centers on observing and listening to customers which then leads to innovations.


testDesign, Appraisal, and Management of Sustainable Development Projects
LMD | July 2, 2015

Professor Nihal Amerasinghe’s newest book on project management is hailed as being “a theoretically robust and a practically relevant book written by a practitioner/academic combining the best traditions of both.”  

testMedical doctors as leaders: Rost’s and Heifetz’s models at work
Business World | May 25, 2015

Professor Mayo Lopez explores how doctors adopt leadership and management principles, within the context of Heifetz’s model.


testWell and good
The Standard | August 6, 2015

Professor Maya  Herrera stressed that ensuring the longevity of your business operations go hand in hand with ensuring your company’s contribution to its community. 


testBusiness tips from people who became entrepreneurs before turning 30
Entrepreneur Philippines | May 19, 2015

Professor Maoi Arroyo advises budding entrepreneurs to look at their youth as an advantage in that they are most willing to learn new ideas.


testFamily-run businesses urged to exploit social media
Sun Star | May 8, 2015

Professor Jacinto Gavino, Jr. notes the importance of social media in building recognition and expanding a family business’ customer base.


testInsights on GrabTaxi: An Alternative Ride Service in Thailand
Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research |  2015

Professor Gam Ackaradejruangsri explores the features of Grab Taxi and the considerations of the commuters and drivers in integrating it in their daily routine.