Here is what some of our students and graduates have to say about our programs

W. SyCiP Graduate School of Business

a.pngAIM took its own pace in transforming me and eventually brought my best, without me even knowing. I trust AIM can do better to incoming students as it has become a benchmark of quality education in Asia. b

Cathyrne Jonne Licudine
MBA 2010, Consultant, Presidential Communications Operations Office, Malacanang


a.pngAIM provided me with substantial advantages in career advancement. Learning from a strong and highly competent faculty while exchanging views with fellow students with diverse backgrounds gave me a wider perspective in business and economics.Through the application of the case based method in analyzing real life solutions in class room discussions, I have learned important concepts and gained valuable skills demanded by my career.b

Jez Dela Cruz
MBA 2009, Management Associate, Institutional Clients Group, Citibank

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Executive Education and Lifelong Learning Center (EXCELL)

a.pngBack in 2008, with a full educational background from China, I was attracted by the distinction of AIM to enroll for the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program. For the duration of the 18-month-program, I constantly challenged myself and studied very hard.

Those experiences in AIM will be in my life-long memories. I am very glad to be a part of the AIM family. Through AIM’s successful educational system, people from different cultures and backgrounds all get together in a cooperative learning atmosphere to create new value for everyone.b

Charlie Lan
EMBA 2010, Director & General Manager, Cosco Philippines Shipping, Inc.


a.pngThe things I learned from the program have been successful in bringing about a lot of changes in my workplace. The CAN group at AIM was one of the best ways to share ideas. The case studies put your abilities and critical thinking to the ultimate test.b

Ugyen Dorji
HRM- DO 2011, Tashi Infocomm Limited

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Center for Development Management (CDM)

a.pngThe MDM program is one of the most valuable investments in my life. It strengthened and sharpened my understanding and practice of development management. The experienced professors and the case method enhanced my theoretical and practical skills while the well-selected mix of experienced students from various sectors of the Asian region enriched the process of learning beyond the lectures. The experience further strengthened my leadership and commitment in working for the poor.b

Handoko Ngadiman
MDM 2008, Country Director, Compassion Indonesia


a.pngMDM provides the theory and the practical experience of development work from different perspectives. The professors inspired us to work and think in different ways by broadening our world view and preparing us for global cooperation and collaboration. With rapid change in the international environment, MDM provided us with more confidence.b

Lu Yao
MDM 2006, Network Coordinator, Yunnan Health and Development Association
People's Republic of China

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