The AIM Advantage


In today's confusing world, knowledge of concepts and technologies are not enough.  One needs real skills to navigate.  At AIM, learning is about building real skills: communicating, collaborating, working with teams, thinking, analyzing, negotiating, and making decisions. No matter how confusing the world gets, these skills will help you succeed.

At AIM, you build skills through the case method. You will learn the art of "the question." The diversity of perspectives in a case discussion will allow you to examine the same set of circumstances in multiple new ways. You will learn to craft good answers, but always, you must ask the next question.

Whether you will eventually do human resource management, or finance or marketing you will practice the art of the question. For example, why do teens send SMS? Your first answer may be, to contact friends. So we create phone plans that allow teens to send unlimited texts. You then ask, why do some teens participate more than others? Because these teens like to show off their personalities. To fill this need, we develop social networking platforms. You ask further: once they are no longer teens, what do teens aspire to? And on and on. One can think of new services, new products, new experiences to satisfy those unpeeled needs. And you keep on doing this in finer ways.
The essence of the case method is: you ask a question. You unpeel a layer of truth. You act. You evaluate. You ask another question. It goes on and on.  The case method is not about plain knowledge transfer--rather, is a dynamic loop of question-answer-act-feedback. You gain deeper understanding, and you make more meaningful decisions, create better products, and concoct more pleasant customer experiences--by building your listening, anaytical, thinking skills.
Here at AIM, we start you on the art of the question, and to a rich road of unpeeling and discovery of skills. We hope to see you here on campus soon.

Prof. Ricardo A. Lim, PhD
Dean, Asian Institute of Management