Events and Activities



AIM students are known for studying hard and partying harder. Expect invitations to parties and performances during Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, and AIM Anniversary Week.

Student Activities for School Year 2016-2017

Month Day Year Major Events
July 6 2016 Eid Il Fitr
Sep 23 2016 Cub's Night
Nov 4 2016 Diwali Celebration
Nov 25 2016 Tiger's Night
Dec 2 2016 Christmas Party
Jan 27 2017 Welcome Party for MDM 2017
Jan 27 2017 Lunar New Year
Feb 6-10 2017 Student Association Campaign
Feb 10 2017 Student Association E-elections
Feb 17 2017 Student Association Inductions


Student Clubs

Degree students may join or even establish organizations. The Student Association (SA) supervises all existing student clubs and liaises with AIM administration and groups or companies outside of AIM. Listed below are the active clubs under SA.

  • The AIM Cricket Club gives cricket lovers a venue to nurture and enrich their talents and knowledge in the sport.
  • AIM Green focuses on sustainability and green initiatives.
  • The AIMproverts-Improvisation Club helps develop teamwork and communication skills through fun and recreational activities.
  • The Art and Antiques Club gathers enthusiasts of Filipino art and antiques.
  • Buzz Asia’s mission is to creatively share and apply ideas, information, and insights on the political, social, technological, and cultural aspects of Asia.
  • The Consulting Club introduces students to the consulting industry.
  • The Economics Club seeks to provide an objective and innovative outlook towards global economics that evaluates risk, control, and governance processes.
  • The Entrepreneurship Club aims for its members to understand the evolution of a sustainable business and to acquire the tools and skill set required for it.
  • The Finance Club enhances knowledge on finance.
  • The International Muslim Student Association (IMSA) seeks to enhance the leadership skills of the future Muslim managers of Asia.
  • The Marketing Club aims to strengthen relations between students and the industry.
  • The Media Cell educates members in reliability of sources of information.
  • The Music Club believes in promoting unity among Asian cultures through music, and provides an opportunity for musicians to hone their skills, to perform during major events, and to have tutorial sessions with invited professional musicians.
  • The Operation and Strategy Club works with industries to enhance the learning of club members and fellow AIM students.
  • The Philanthropic Activities Society (PACTS) organizes outreach programs, including fundraising, blood donation drives, and visits to the different charities it sponsors.
  • The Photography Club provides members with an environment for learning, teaching, and growing their love of photography.
  • The Popcorn Club or Movie Club helps students unwind by showing popular and acclaimed films.
  • The Sports Club creates an environment for students to be both physically and mentally fit.
  • Spotlight aims to study and generate insights on the media industry in the APEC region.
  • The Talent Club helps people pursue their hobbies.
  • The Toastmasters Club educates members in the skills of listening, critical thinking, evaluating, articulating, public speaking and leadership.