School Calendar

Asian Institute of Management Degree Program Calendar for SY 2013-14

(Updated 10/23/2013)

Academic Calendar for SY2013-14.pdf


Executive Education


General Management

148th Basic Management Program
149th Basic Management Program
150th Basic Management Program
84th Management Development Program
85th Management Development Program
Top Management Program

May 5-23
Aug 11-29
Nov 10- 28
Apr 21-May 30
Sept 15-Oct 24

May 22-27

 Finance Programs


Measuring and Management Corporate Performance
Finance for Senior Executives

July 14-18
April 7-11

Human Resource

Strategic Negotiations Program

Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers:
Module I
Module II

April 21-25

May 12-14
June 16-17


Strategic Brand Management

May 29-31

Special Programs

Project Management Program
Beat the Odds: Master the Self, Manage Emotions,
and Achieve Goals
Practical Innovation Program
Technology Innovation Strategy Course
Project Portfolio Management Course

Managing Family Corporations

May 26-30

May 12-14
August 2014
August 2014

March 10-14