As part of AIM’s research initiatives, the Institute develops and maintains Centers of Excellence and other research related programs. These initiatives endeavor to bring quality intellectual contributions especially in practice-oriented research with the content and context of Asian business and development management.

AIM shares original research findings with education colleagues and policymakers worldwide through reports, policy perspectives and other publications.


Centers of Excellence:

•           AIM Policy Center

•           AIM TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership

•           AIM Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

•           AIM Ramon V. del Rosario Sr.-C.V. Starr Center for Corporate Governance

•           AIM Dr. Stephen Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation

•           AIM Gov. Jose B. Fernandez Jr. Center for Banking and Finance

•           AIM Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism


Research Programs:

•           ADB-AIM Knowledge Hub

•           Case Research Group

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