Faculty & Experts


AIM faculty are dedicated professionals who manage the Institute’s learning processes. They are responsible for student learning and development, the design and delivery of relevant programs, and the build-up of intellectual capital that find its way into caserooms, papers, publications, and public fora convened by AIM in partnership with stakeholders.

In addition to their consultancies and directorships in business, government and non-governmental organizations, many professors have served in various capacities as CEOs or COOs of private corporations and as officials of major government agencies. AIM’s faculty experts have a broad regional outlook and wide experience in and knowledge of Asian management and practice.

To fulfill their responsibilities effectively and consistently, AIM faculty possess the very qualities that they seek to develop and enhance in their students.

  • Deep concern for and commitment to Asia and to the development of its peoples
  • A generalist’s rather than a functional specialist’s outlook and approach to management
  • A predilection for  practitioner-oriented approaches to management education, borne out of actual managerial experience that complements scholastic achievement and action research
  • A high degree of professionalism coupled with a strong sense of social responsibility.